Mr. George Xiradakis
Founder- Managing Director XRTC BUSINESS CONSULTANTS

George Xiradakis was born in 1964 and grew up in Volos, Greece.

Following his graduation from the Nautical Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos – Athens he embarked as a deck officer onboard various types of dry cargo ships. After completing his military service in the Greek Navy as Commander of Landing Ship, in 1989 he joined the London City of London Polytechnic (presently named as Metropolitan University) where he received his postgraduate Diploma in Commercial Operation of Shipping. He continued his studies and obtained an MSc in Maritime Studies from the University of Wales, Cardiff in 1991.

Following the completion of his studies he jointed “Banque Franco-Hellenique de Commerce Internationale et Maritime” as a Credit Officer in the ship-financing department. In 1994, when the bank was fully acquired by Credit Lyonnais and renamed to Credit Lyonnais Greece SA he become an Account Manager and the following year he moved to Credit Lyonnais’ Headquarters in Paris as Vice President of CL Shipping Group assuming responsibilities as Head of European Shipping Finance activities of the bank.

In 1997 he returned back to Greece acting as Deputy General Manager of Credit Lyonnais Greece and Head of Shipping for Greece, Middle East and India of Credit Lyonnais Group.

After the sale of Credit Lyonnais Greece SA, he established XRTC Business Consultants Ltd. (January 1999) and since then he is the Managing Director of the company. The company initially acted as the exclusive Shipping Representative of Credit Lyonnais Group in Greece but soon expanded its scope as Financial Consultant for Greek Shipping, offering its services to International Banking Institutions and Organizations. Since February 2005, XRTC is acting as shipping finance consultant of the French banking group NATIXIS in Greece. Since 2009, XRTC has been working closely with the Chinese ship finance market. In 2011 XRTC signed a Financial Consultancy Agreement with China Development Bank. XRTC has won the Greek Shipping Financier of the Year by Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Award 2010.

XRTC LTD, since its inception among other activities has been involved in the Research and Advisory of the Ferry Industry. In 2005 it established its Research and Development department based on Chios Island and provides maritime services to the Greek and International shipping firms. The company’s annual reports on the Greek Ferry Market and on the European Ferry Market Competition are broadly recognized and have become a reference in the industry.
XRTC is also specialized in the Specialized Assets Management and offers services to the industry for Work outs and Dispute resolving issues.

Mr. Xiradakis is Vice President of the International Propeller Club of the United States, Vice President of China Hellenic Chamber and Vice President of the China- Greece Association.  He is General Secretary of the Association of Banking and Financial Executives of Hellenic Shipping,  Emeritus President of the International Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus and  Emeritus member of Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

He is also member of Marine Club of Piraeus, HELMEPA, Member of the Mediterranean Committee of China Classification Society and a member of President’s Advisory Council of American College of Greece.  Mr. Xiradakis is a member of the Board of Directors of Paragon Shipping Inc (NASDAQ: PRGN) while he was a member of the Board of Directors of DryShips Inc. (NASDAQ: DRYS) from 2008 up to November 2015 and a member of the Board of Directors of Aries Maritime Transport, which has since changed its name to NewLead Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: NEWL).  In May 2019 he participated in the European Elections.

Mr. Xiradakis served in the past as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation (2004-2006) and the first President of the National Center of Port Development (2006-2007).

He also participated as a speaker to several conferences (latest participations are described herebelow)

  • “Financing Greek Shipping- The entrance of Chinese Banks”- Germanischer Lloyd Hellas Committee & Cyprus Committee,4/11/2010
  • “Financing Greek Shipping – The entrance of Chinese Banks-Turkish Shipping Summit, 9/11/2010
  • “Chinese Finance: There for the taking?”- Scandinavian Shipping and Ship Finance Conference 2011, 7/4/2011
  • “Orderbook havoc in a marginal market: Scrap or Trade?” – The ICS Shipping Conference,1/6/2011
  • “Maritime Transport: Opportunities and Threats in the Post-Crisis World- New Horizons for Ship Finance: The Chinese Experience”- Econship, 23/6/2011
  • “Shipping Finance from Chinese Banks”- Shipping Today – Tomorrow, 27/9/2011
  • “Shipping Finance in Distress”- 3rd Iron Ore & Coal-World Shipping Summit, 6/10/2011
  • “Chinese Financing to International Shipping- An insider’s view for the next steps”- Marintech China, Shanghai 29/11/2011
  • “Shipping Finance”- University of Piraeus, 19/12/2011
  • “The influence of the economic crisis in Coastal Market”- General Secretary of Aegean & Island Policy & Prefecture of Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes 8/3/2012
  • “Shipping Finance in interesting times ”- University of Aegean, 3/4/2012
  • “The influence of the economic crisis in Coastal Market”- General Secretary of Aegean & Island Policy & Prefecture of Naxos, 5/4/2012.
  • “The Relationship between Greece and China in the shipping sector”- Economia Conference Piraeus30/5/2012
  • “”Investing and Financing Blue Shipping,” 2nd Blue Shipping Summit, Athens 31/5/2012
  • “Shipfinance under siege”- 12th Mare Forum, Amsterdam 31/5/2012
  • “Where to raise capital today”- 4th Iron Ore and Coal Shipping Summit, Athens 1/10/2012
  • “Staying afloat in a difficult market”, Turkish Shipping Summit , Istanbul 13/11/2012
  • “Can the rock bottom be soften?”- ICS, Piraeus 19/11/2012
  • “Scarcity in Shipping Finance- The opportunities for the Newcomers”- 4th Shipping Finance Service Summit 2012, Shanghai 5/12/2012
  • “Shipping Finance today and tomorrow”- 1st Maritimes Conference, Athens 12/12/2013
  • “The extroversion necessity of Greek economy- The example of Greek shipping” Money Forum, 5/1/2014
  • “Are Chinese banks ready to finance Middle East Shipping?”- Mare Forum Dubai, 25/2/2014
  • “The necessity of extroverting the Greek Economy”- Business Week Deree, 20/3/2014
  • “Geopolitics and Shipping”- Maritime Economies, 15/5/2014
  • Organiser of 1st Sino-Greek Maritime Conference of CCS – June 2014
  • “Shipping Finance through IPO’s and Private Equity”- IMES, 25/9/2014
  • “Are Chinese banks ready to finance Middle East Shipping?”- 1st Mare Forum Dubai, 25/2/2014
  • “One belt one road, China – Piraeus -Europe”, Economia- 29/5/2015
  • “The contribution of Greek Shipping Industry to the Greek Economy”- 52nd Annual Meeting European Tugowners Association, 9/5/2015
  • “Piraeus and Greek Crisis”- 6th Maritime Hydra Conference, 3/10/2015
  • “Developments in the wet sector/ The Financing view”- 2015 European Maritime Day, 26/5/2015
  • “Greek Shipping”- University of Piraeus, 26/5/2015
  • “Introduction to Greek Shipping- The relationship between Greece and China in the shipping sector”, Deree, 3/3/2015
  • “Shipping, Finance at Market’s Bottom”- 4th Maritime Trends Conference, 3/4/2016
  • “Why Greece remains a leader in International Maritime Industry? Which are the prospects and the opportunities?”- Arab Forum 29/11/2016
  • “Shipping Finance and Capital Markets- Shipping as Private or Listed? The Shipping Finance alternatives in 2017”- IMES, 9/1/2017
  • “ China, a strategic investor”- Greek Law Digest, 3/2/2017
  • “Greek Shipping- The International Economic miracle”- Rotary Clubs, 20/2/2017
  • “Bankers and Financiers”- 6th Global Economic Forum, 15/6/2017
  • “Greek Shipping- Leading by example”- Hellenic Finance and Accounting Association, 15/12/2017
  • “Shipping as Private or Listed- The Shipping Finance Alternatives in 2018”- IMES, 10/1/2018
  • “Technology helps Economy- Shipping & Technology”, – Hellenic Association of Mobile Application Companies, 19/1/2018
  • “Outlook on the shipping sector and loan performance”- 1st Annual Investors’ conference on Greek & Cypriot NPLs, 29/1/2018
  • “Everything is changing”- 18th Mare Forum Greece, 12/3/2018
  • “Shipping Financing” -Hellas Liberty Friends Club, 25/4/2018
  • “Ship Finance Innovation”- Malta Maritime Summit, 4/10/2018
  • XXII Euromed Convetion, 5/10/2018
  • “Shipping and Capital Markets- Does it work?”- 11th Maritime Congress IMES, 10/1/2019
  • “Thessaloniki, Transit & Remodeling Center”- Export Summit VII, 13/6/2019
  • “The Value of Corporate Governance for Non-listed Companies & SMEs“- 1st Greek Corporate Governance Summit, 23/9/2019
  • “State & Marine Education, Present and Future challenges”- Special Party Organisation of Shipping, 16/11/2019
  • 8th Arab Hellenic Economic Forum, 27-28/11/2019
  • “Development focused on Maritime Economy- Magnesia 2030”, 6-8/12/2019
  • “Shipping & Investment funds- Future Partnerships”- Greece Cyprus Investment Forum, 10/12/2019
  • “Shipping and Capital Markets, Does it work?”- 12th Maritime Congress IMES, 8/1/2020
  • “Man- Systems- Technology, A resistant relationship”- The Nautical Institute, 22/1/2020
  • “Shipping Finance”- 2nd World Shipping Law Forum, 7/2/2020
  • “Maritime Economy & Athenian Riviera”- Municipality of P. Faliro, 17/2/2020

Mr. Xiradakis is married with two children.