The maritime industry has been the daily challenge for XRTC Ltd

employees and myself for two decades. We are dedicated in serving to the best of our abilities, major stakeholders, ranging from maritime companies, financial institutions, investment houses and government organizations. All these years we strive for excellence and I am proud to say that we have achieved this, to a great extent, via the long-term relationships we have created with our existing clientele and via the opportunities stemming from the cooperation with new customers and complementors.

At XRTC we believe that the maritime industry offers unique business opportunities to financial institutions and investors and we are here to assist in the decision-making process of such investment plans. We are ready to be together with our clients during the different cycles of the market and show to them how they can be successful and profitable in this market.

Our goal at XRTC Ltd. is to partner with our clients in order to create an added value to all parties involved.
Thank you for taking time in reading this note and we hope to have the opportunity to work jointly in the near future.

Mr. George XiradakisFounder- Managing DirectorXRTC BUSINESS CONSULTANTS