XRTC Business Consultants Ltd was established in 1999,

by George Xiradakis an ex-Captain of Hellenic Merchant Marine and reputable Shipping Banker. Its scope of business was both unique and innovative for Piraeus standards and was focused on two main activities: Firstly, to act as representative of foreign banks that wish to finance Greek Shipping and secondly, to advise National and International Institutions, Administration Bodies and Shipping Corporations on matters related to Greek Shipping Business.

At its early stage XRTC represented Credit Lyonnais’s Shipping

Advisory and Aviation Group in the Greek market from 1999 till 2004, where the bank merged with Credit Agricole Indosuez and formed CALYON Group.

At the beginning of 2005 XRTC Business Consultants

commenced its representation of the Shipping and Land Transportation Finance department of NATEXIS BANQUE POPULAIRES which following the merging with IXIS Group in 2006 was renamed to NATIXIS. The representation of Natixis was terminated in December 2008 following the decision of the bank to cease its shipping finance activities in the territory.

Since 2010 XRTC has expanded its operations in China

via its close collaboration with China Development Bank. Since then XRTC has pioneered in being the project advisor between Chinese financial institutions and Greek Shipping Companies.

Along with its establishment, XRTC initiated

its Research and Advisory Department. XRTC was the pioneer in its sector when it developed the Analysis of the Greek Ferry Market, Domestic and International, expanding thereafter in the European and Global Ferry Sector. XRTC issues annually the aforementioned report of this sector which is distributed for free to large Institutions, Companies and Administration bodies, local and International.

Through its involvement in Greek Ferry Market,

XRTC acted as consultant to all main Greek Ferry Companies and was Leading Arranger of their financings. It is also acted as Advisor to for a series of international and local state agencies/ministries such as Austal (Australia), EFIC- Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (Australia), COFACE (France),FEC (Finland),Port of Alexandria, Ministry of Transport of Egypt, Ministry of H.M.M (Greece), French Embassy in Greece, Egyptian Ministry of Transport


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